By law, a towed vehicle's turn signals, running lights and brake lights must mimic
the motorhome's.

There are three ways to accomplish that:
1) a system of diodes;
2) installing new taillights in the towed vehicle using a bulb and socket kit; or
3) magnetic tow lights.

Each method has its advantages. Whichever one you choose, ROADMASTER has a kit with all the necessary components, and step-by-step instructions.

Three Wiring Methods


a system of diodes
bulb and socket kit
magnetic tow lights



Universal Wiring Kit
This kit uses a system of diodes to connect your towed vehicle's turn signals, running lights and brake signals to your motorhome's. Diodes prevent electrical feedback and protect both vehicles’ electrical systems. The kit comes complete with:
• four Hy-Power™ diodes (more diodes may be purchased separately);
• a 30-foot strand of four-wire electrical cord with 4-way flat connectors;
• three feet of split wire loom;
• a six-foot power cord with 4-way flat connectors (connects electricity between the two vehicles);
• a ring terminal;
• cable ties;
• wire connectors; and
• step-by-step installation instructions.

Universal Wiring Kit with four Hy-Power Diodes


Bulb and Socket Kit
A self-contained wiring
system that bypasses your
towed vehicle's lighting with a set of independent plugs and
sockets mounted inside the taillights. Wiring is routed underneath the car, to a
socket mounted to the grille
or fascia. Since the towed vehicle's electrical system is bypassed, this kit eliminates
the concern of voiding the vehicle manufacturer's

Note: the towed vehicle's taillights must have room for
an extra socket and bulb
inside the lens housing.

Bulb and Socket Kit with bulbs
10-pack of bulbs and sockets only (bulk)

Magnetic Tow Lights
ROADMASTER's magnetic tow lights are the quick and easy way to connect your towed vehicle's electrical system to your motorhome's. The system is self-contained, and requires
no splicing into the towed vehicle's electrical system.
• Fits all vehicles
• Magnets hold lights securely
• Eliminates electrical damage
to the towed vehicle
• Heavy-duty vinyl casing for
maximum wire protection
• Meets DOT standards
• Includes plugs, sockets, and wire harness

Deluxe Kit (includes case and anti-scratch pads)
Standard Kit includes with 4-way flat connectors

Hy-Power™ Diodes
Diodes are used to tie into the towed vehicles's brake light, running light and turn signal wiring, and connect it to the motorhome. Diodes permit electrical current to flow in only one direction — from the motorhome to the towed vehicle's taillights — preventing electrical feedback and the damage it can cause to both vehicles' electronics.
If you’re using a diode, why not use the best? ROADMASTER’s Hy-Power diodes have a heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum heat sink, and each diode is protected against the elements — all components are housed inside an epoxy-sealed, anodized aluminum case.
Four-pack required for most vehicles. Includes detailed wiring instructions.

Single Hy-Power diode
2-Pack Hy-Power diodes
3-Pack Hy-Power diodes
4-Pack Hy-Power diodes
25-pack diodes (bulk pack)

Flexo-Coil™ and Straight Electrical Cords
Whatever electrical system you choose, you’ll need a cord to connect electricity between the towed vehicle and the motorhome. ROADMASTER’s are the best — the wires are water-, oil- and chemical-resistant, and the plugs are injected with silicone to prevent corrosion. Flexo-Coil cords expand to more than eight feet, and conveniently contract for storage.

Flexo-Coil wiring kits — for tow bars without cable channel guides

4-wire Flexo-Coil kit
4-wire Flexo-Coil with plugs, sockets and socket bracket (see below)
6-wire Flexo-Coil kit with plugs and sockets
6-wire Flexo-Coil with socket bracket (see below)
7- to 4-wire Flexo-Coil kit with plugs, sockets and socket bracket
7- to 6-wire Flexo-Coil kit with plugs, sockets and socket bracket

Straight cord wiring kits
for tow bars with cable channel guides
(All Terrain tow bars)

4-wire straight cord kit
6-wire straight cord kit
7-wire to 6-wire straight cord kit with plugs, sockets and socket bracket
7-wire to 4-wire straight cord kit with plugs, sockets and socket bracket

bracketHeavy-Duty Electrical Socket Brackets
These brackets hold the towed vehicle’s electrical socket firmly in place, making it easy to plug and unplug the electrical cord.
ROADMASTER’s socket brackets are made of 1/8-inch thick steel — not lightweight sheet metal. Both straight and angled brackets fit most electrical sockets, and can be either welded or bolted in place. Black powder coat finish.

Straight socket bracket
Socket bracket with 90º bend

'Brake-Lite' Relay Kitrelay

If you’re installing a supplemental braking system, chances are you’ll need a Brake-Lite Relay. It must be installed in the majority of towed vehicles, to enable the towed vehicle’s brake lights and turn signals to illuminate in tandem with the motorhome’s, as required by law.

When do you need a Brake-Lite Relay?

To our knowledge, no other supplemental braking system manufacturer provides this accessory.
Comes standard with Even Brake®.
    • All wires and components included
    • Easy-to-follow instructions

88400  Brake-Lite Relay kit

park light didoe

Park Light Diode
Problem: Electrical damage can occur to the towed vehicle if its headlights are turned on while still connected to the motorhome.
Solution: Use a Park Light Diode to stop any interaction between the two park light systems, preventing electrical feedback and electrical damage.

690 Single Park Light Diode

Brite-Lite™ 3-to-2 Wiring Converter
If you have this — the motorhome has separate brake and turn signal lights; the towed vehicle has combined brake and turn signal lights.
Then you need this — the Brite-Lite wiring converter connects a vehicle with a separate brake and turn signal system to a vehicle with a combined brake and turn system, while delivering more current to the towed vehicle’s brake and turn signal lights for brighter illumination.

732 Brite-Lite 3-to-2 converter

brite lite