Bracket Install Questions

Tow bar mounting brackets are installed on your vehicle's frame to provide attachment points for your tow bar. ROADMASTER manufactures more than a thousand vehicle-specific tow bar mounting brackets, in a variety of styles. (More than one bracket style may be offered for any particular vehicle; however, not every style is available for every vehicle).

For a complete list of all available brackets, download a copy of this month's Bracket Application Guide. Most of these vehicles are towable "as is" but some require aftermarket accessories. Before installing a tow bar bracket, make certain that your vehicle can be towed refer to the owner's manual or the dealership.

To determine if we have a tow bar mounting bracket that fits
your vehicle, visit our interactive guide.

I'm not a mechanic can I put the bracket on myself?

Our tow bar mounting brackets are designed for the easiest installation possible; however, mechanical skills are required. Many 'shade tree mechanics' can install their own brackets in a few hours. Complexity of installation varies by vehicle; accordingly, we recommend that you consider professional installation.

For a selection of professional installers in your area, visit our Dealer Locator.