ROADMASTER Towing and Suspension Solutions

Mounting Brackets

To determine if we have a tow bar mounting bracket that fits
your vehicle, visit our interactive guide.

Direct-Connect style
This style allows you to connect your tow bar directly to the mounting bracket, eliminating the need for a crossbar. This is our easiest system to connect and disconnect.

If you're using a Nighthawk or a motorhome-mounted tow bar, this is the style of bracket you should choose, which includes the EZ5 and MX types.

Note: the Direct-Connect style will not accommodate a Guardian rock shield, Tow Defender 4700, Stowaway or EZ Hook safety cables (like those included with the Sterling tow bar). Use the Crossbar style (shown below) for these items.
Direct-Connect Mounting Bracket for Towing

Crossbar style
This style allows you to use our utility mounting platform with a crossbar for flexibility in accessorizing and customizing your towing system with a Guardian rock shield, Tow Defender or Stowaway.

If you're using a Sterling All-Terrain or a vehicle-mounted tow bar or any of the acccessories listed above, you'll need this style of bracket, which includes the EZ4, EZ2, EZ, XL, MS and Classic types.
Crossbar style Mounting Bracket for Towing
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