Company Overview
Take a tour of ROADMASTER with Truck Camper Magazine, or learn the company history and philosophy. This section also features a biography of the owner and founder of ROADMASTER, Inc.

Towing and Tow Bars
A glossary of towing terms, towing basics and other informative articles, including an article from Motorhome Magazine on the Sterling All Terrain.

Mounting Brackets
Find the tow bar mounting bracket for your vehicle. Also, a description of bracket stress testing and how bracket designers determine when to use a crossbar. This section also features an article from Motorhome Magazine on the Honda CR-V bracket.

Dinghy Towing Guides
Find out which new vehicles are towable. This section features information courtesy of Motorhome Magazine.

Social Media
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Supplemental Braking Systems
Braking weight regulations on color-coded maps of the U.S. and Canada, an article on the importance of supplemental brakes and an overview of ROADMASTER's four braking systems. This section also features an article from Motorhome Magazine on the Even Brake and articles on the InvisiBrake.

Towing? What NOT to do, courtesy of our friends The Wynns.
See what our RVing, documentarian friends The Wynns have to say about towing mistakes and how to tow properly!

Suspension Products
Find the anti-sway bar, Reflex Steering Stabilizer and/or Davis TruTrac™ bar for your vehicle, or peruse a Motorhome Magazine article on anti-sway bars.

Read a Motorhome Magazine article on the benefits of FuseMaster or the virtues of the Tow Defender.

Truck Camper Magazine's ROADMASTER Press Room
View multiple articles covering ROADMASTER's history, a factory tour, a behind-the-scenes look at the annual show in Louisville and an article on our newest braking system, the InvisiBrake.

Watch videos on our Youtube channel featuring products like the InvisiBrake, and see our trade show interactions.