Spare Tire Carrier

When it comes to a flat tire, "I hope it won't happen to me" isn't much of a contingency plan. But that's all most motorhome owners have to work with because most motorhomes don't carry a spare.

If you're in that group, it's time to get a Spare Tire Carrier before Murphy's Law kicks in and you find out just how long it can take to find a spare tire 30 miles north of Phoenix. On a Sunday. And how much you're going to pay for it.

Roadmaster's Spare Tire Carrier is a proactive approach to a flat tire.

Features and Benefits

With a ready-to-go spare, Good Sam Roadside Assistance can get you back on the road quickly.
Carrying your own spare allows YOU to control the cost.
Comes with a 2" receiver hitch for a tow bar, hitch rack or other hitch-mounted accessory.
The carrier can be lowered to either side for engine access or ladder clearance.
Powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance

      Spare Tire Carrier
     For the assembly and operating instructions, click here.


        For 16", 16.5", 19.5", 22.5", 24" and 24.5" wheels       10,000lb. maximum capacity
        400-pound maximum tongue weight                    Mounts in a standard 2" receiver
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Testimonial on the Spare Tire Carrier

  "While heading out of Colorado, we had a flat at the New Mexico border. AAA was contacted and the nearest tire was finally found in Albuquerque. When AAA arrived 6 hours later, the spare was not specialized size. It got us to a tire shop, but had to be replaced with the correct RV tire before we could resume our vacation.
  If I would have had the correct specialized spare tire with me, AAA could have had me on the road in 1 hour! Now, we will not be stranded on the roadside again due to a flat tire."
D. Simpson, Fort Collins, CO