Life of a Tow Bar

How long should a tow bar last?
It varies, depending upon weights, road condition and how far out of level your tow bar is, but a reasonable life expectancy is around 70,000 miles.

What causes tow bar wear?
Like all equipment, normal use causes some wear; however, severely out of level tow bars, vehicles that are too heavy for the bar, and rough roads (such as in Alaska and Mexico) will greatly accelerate wear.

How can I prevent tow bar wear?
Nothing will stop it completely, but tow bars that are cleaned and maintained regularly will have less debris and corrosion that accelerates wear. Routine maintenance extends a tow bar’s life while making it easier to operate.

Should I have my tow bar inspected?
If your tow bar is more than a couple of years old, or if you’ve towed more than 20,000 miles, yes. If you’ve noticed any excessive play or if your tow bar operates or tows differently than when new, please consider the safety of your fellow road warriors and have it inspected.

What will the inspection consist of?
Technicians will look at the stress points of the tow bar for wear, stress indicators or even fractures. They will also be inspecting the joints, looking for excessive play and tolerance.

Where can I bring my tow bar to be inspected?
Contact the Roadmaster facility at 800-669-9690 to find out more.

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