Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers

Most RV trailers and fifth wheels don't have shock absorbers. The reason? There's just not enough room.

Until now.

Patented, adjustable mounting brackets eliminate the space constraints, and also allow the shocks to be mounted vertically, where they have the leverage to limit up-and-down motion on both compression and rebound.

Comfort Ride heavy-duty, nitrogen-charged shock absorbers eliminate trailer bouncing and 'porpoising. They are also angled to provide sway control.

Because the shocks are angled 15 degrees to the outside, the trailers weight stays centered over the tires, which helps control sway by limiting lateral suspension travel and side-to-side rocking.

For tandem axle trailers or fifth wheels. To determine your fit, simply determine the diameter of your axle and locate the weight rating, which is found on a sticker on the axle.

Note: the shock system can be installed separately, but ride quality is significantly improved when both the slipper spring system and the shock absorbers are used in tandem.

2450  Shock absorber system for 2-3/8" axles
2460  Shock absorber system for 3" axles
2470  Shock absorber system for 3.5" axles

How to determine axle diameter

'Suspension Nirvana' article from July 2018 issue of Trailer Life

To view the owner's manual and installation instructions, click here.