Comfort Ride Slipper Spring Systems

Comfort Ride Slipper Springs attach to a central hanger that isolates each axle, so the two springs are no longer connected.

Each spring is free to absorb and dissipate energy, which equates to less shake, rattle and roll in the trailer and in the truck.

For tandem axle trailers or fifth wheels.

Note: the leaf spring system must be used in conjunction with the shock absorber system.

2560  Slipper spring system for up to 5,000-pound rated axles
2570  Slipper spring system for 5,001-7,000-pound rated axles
2580  Slipper spring system for 7,001-8,000-pound rated axles

How to determine axle capacity

'Suspension Nirvana' article from July 2018 issue of Trailer Life

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