Roadmaster Tow Bar Mounting Brackets
You may also download our complete Tow Bar Mounting Brackets Application Guide for all vehicles.

Supplemental Braking Systems
This page is a list of many popular towed vehicles, with specific vehicle criteria and either required or recommended products for a successful installation. This information will be updated as new vehicles become available.

Suspension Solutions (includes motorhomes, vans, pick-ups, SUVs and emergency vehicles). You may also download our complete RSS Application Guide for all vehicles.

How to identify your motorhome chassis

Seat Adaptors
Seat adaptors are required in some vehicles, and simplify the installation for others. You may also download our complete Seat Adaptor Guide for all vehicles.

Stoplight Switch Kits
With a ROADMASTER system, you ALWAYS know when the brake pedal is depressed — avoiding expensive and unnecessary damage to your towed vehicle’s braking system.

Simplify your towing experience by eliminating the need to ever pull fuses.

An application resource guide with helpful tips for installers.

Other Required Equipment
Information on other products, such as the Brake Pressure Reducer, can be found here.

Wiring and Other Information
This document includes wiring, lighting and other data from some of our most popular vehicles. Please note: this Vehicle Specific Application Information chart is NOT a comprehensive listing of all available vehicle information.

Dinghy Towing Guides
Find out which new vehicles are towable. This section features information courtesy of Motorhome Magazine.